Mask Fashion Simple

OZM Fashion simple


100% breathable elastic jersey mask.

Its viscose fiber guarantees excellent hygenic conditions while blocking the microdrops. Feels fresh during summertime. Very soft and delicate on your skin. Available in different color variants: classic red, classic pink, classic violet, classic blue, classic grey, classic black.

Rimmed with an elastic band it adapts perfectly to all shapes and sizes while firmly maintaining its place and without blocking your vision.

Washable at 60°C. Hygenic, resuable and ecofriendly.

Non FFP2 /FFP3 compliat.

VAT included


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Item nr.: OZM Fashion simple/classic 

Handcrafted, washable and reusable

Design: ergonomic

Sizes: M for women, L for men

Material: viscose jersey

Quality: fresh during summertime, breatheable, hygenic, soft.

Packing unit: minimum 1 pc

Customizable for corporate customers! For further information please click on the following link

Shipping: 5 – 10 working days

OZM Fashion simple

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