OZ Basic stands for "Slow Wear". Durable and timeless fashion for everyday life: simple, practical, beautiful - of superior quality and with an excellent price-performance ratio. 

T-shirts, polo shirts, shirts, jumpers, trousers and shoes: fashion from the OZ Basic collection is made for everyday use and offers everything you need for everyday life. Special attention has been paid to good quality and durability as well as small practical details. High-quality materials such as cashmere, merino or cotton are used. The entire OZ Basic collection is Made in Italy.


A new essential has found its place in the daily routine of our lives: the facemask. During these peculiar days and surely for some time to come, we will be having to wear facemaks at gatherings in order to protect ourselves and the people around us.  

To satisfy this brand-new need for our society, we created the OZ MASKS: made of tissue and concieved fusing the artisanal experience of our tailors and the sense of design and beauty which always distinguished our brand Oberrauch Zitt.

Masterfully handcrafted by our very own tailors in Bolzano and Vandoies, only using high quality fabrics, they are also comfortable, reusable and ecofriendly. And, yes, of course they’re also very pretty! Because we are well aware that even in difficult times like these, beauty is and remains a precious component to our existence.

Soon, hopefully, we will be wandering again through the streets of our cities, commute to work, visit a museum, walk in the park or visit all the places that fill our hearts. We will be doing so wearing a mask. It may cover our smile but it will never cover our eyes hungry for all the world’s beauty.


Reusable, ecofriendly, pretty.

The OZ masks have been designed and handcrafted at Oberrauch Zitt’s very own tailor shops in Bolzano and Vandoies, using cotton and jersey. They’re 100% washable at 60° C and therefore reusable and ecofriendly.

They fit easily to all sizes and shapes thanks to the elasticity of the fabric while firmly maintaining its place and without blocking your vision. Their composition of viscose fiber is highly hygenic and delicate on your skin and does in no way affect your regular breathing, despite the high density of the tissue.

These facemasks are not FFP2 e FFP3 and therefore not compliant for medical or surgical use.